Rehema Khamis
Vikwatani - Mombasa County
Urban Farming
Meet Rehema Khamis, a direct beneficiary of the urban farming training . Rehema was equiped with just a single vertical granny sack after the training and few seedlings to start her off.
Look, she has since then established an entire urban farming set up with over 10 extra granny sacks. Besides, she was able to save up and buy materials for creating the vertical multistorey cone gardens from her vegetables proceeds
Rehema is now the main supplier of purely organic vegetables around her area
Mariam Omar
Alternative Clean Energy
Mariam acquired training on briquettes production and she has not turned back since then. She is now producing high quality briquettes in large quantities which she sells to Kwale and Nairobi county.
Besides the briquettes production lessons, she also took good lessons from the Business Development Skills training on marketing. She ventured into digital marketing where she opened a facebook page named "Noor Women Group Briquettes" through which she markets her business.
The digital marketing platform has enabled her to acquire briquettes orders from nairobi twice a week with each sale making her over Ksh.6000. She also does monthly deliveries to Kwale County.
Mariam has trained over 10 women on the same skill who have been helping her in the business as they also make a living.
Rose Mwanzia
Kashani, Kisauni - Mombasa County
Food Processing
Here is an interesting story of one Rose Mwanzia from Kashani area of Kisauni.
She is a direct beneficiary of the baking training. Rose has since then trained over 100 other women in her neighborhood on the same skill. This did not stop at that as the women went ahead to from a table banking group to help them save and access credit from the proceeds of their baking.
They now supply cinnamon rolls, mini cup cakes and bread in bulk. A true definition of when one woman is empowered, the entire community is empowered .
Women Economic Empowerment well defined
Jackline Andaya
Jomvu, Changamwe - Mombasa County
Food Processing
Jackline Andanya is one of our beneficiaries on Baking and Briquettes production. During an interview with KTN News at her home in Jomvu where she bakes, she explained how she has been able to save on fuel by using the briquettes which are affordable and easy to produce. In addition, the smokeless Briquettes have improved the quality of her cakes as they are always smoke free. Her income has since then increased and she is able to meet her family's day to day needs.
Jackline has also trained a number of mothers within her neighborhood on the briquettes production who are also earning an income from them. We have always encouraged our beneficiaries to spread the knowledge to other mothers around them, and we are so proud of their work.
Jackline Atieno
Changamwe - Mombasa County
Urban Farming

Jackline Atieno, has a thriving urban farming garden in Port Reitz slums. She has since then become the main organic vegetables supplier in her neighborhood and even exports 2 sacks of Okra to Nairobi 

Inuka Tusonge Women Group
Kongowea - Mombasa County
Food Processing
Inuka Tusonge Women is a group consisting of  mothers are direct beneficiaries of the baking training after which, they were equiped with a locally fabricated oven to start them off.
The mothers now produce scones, cakes and breads which they supply to the local shops and hotels within the area.
Their focus now is to purchase additional ovens to enable them produce more for the market.
Women Group
Korogocho - Nairobi County
Food Processing
We train and our trainees commit to train others. This is the power of numbers.
We are so proud of these group from Korogocho who went out of their way,with limited resources to train other mothers in the neighborhood on the basic baking techniques. It was all a great success as the pictures depict .
The mothers are now looking into starting up small ventures by the road side where they will sell the snacks and earn an extra income. Economic growth 
Kitui County
Urban Farming
Penina is one of AWAK's beneficiaries who has embraced climate action through climate smart agriculture.
Peer to peer learning is a gradual and effective way to build the capacity of farmers